• Both a throwback astronaut style hood and the traditional round hat are included with the bee suit. Round hat can be adjusted to fit.
  • Robust YKK metal zippers. Highest quality zippers, much stronger and more durable than plastic ones.
  • Two chest pockets with velcro closures, two large patch pockets on the thighs and a hive tool pocket on the leg.
  • With new ClearVision2020 hood mesh with extra hood support for stability
  • Also, features integrated knee pads, elastic thumb loops and elastic foot loops.

This is the new version of the BPS3 bee suit. This high quality all in one bee suit offers maximum comfort but doesn't compromise on protection or quality. Manufactured from light weight hard wearing Polyester Cotton. The bee suit features a throwback astronaut style hood with two zips. Velcro closures at the sleeve combined with an elastic thumb loop keeps the sleeve in place and the bees out. There are plenty of pockets on the bee suit to carry any equipment you need. This is suitable for any amateur or professional bee keeper or pest controller. It is hard wearing and machine washable (remove the hood and hand wash) so should give you years of bee proof wear. The new version has improved UV resistant ClearVision2020 mesh. We have also added a new feature to the hood, a removable support at the top of hood to add stability and stops the wind blowing the veil into the bee keeper's face.

BPS3 Professional Beekeeper's Suit