• Insect hotel made from natural bamboo and pine
  • Attracts wild bees, green lacewings and ladybirds
  • Bee and bug house makes an attractive functional garden ornament
  • Provides a nesting and hibernating habitat for beneficial insects
  • 21 cm H, 15 cm W, 14 cm D

insect cottage a Natural nesting and hibernating environment. for lacewings, ladybirds, solitary bees and many other beneficial insects. Constructed from untreated Bamboo and pine it provides a hard wearing waterproof home. It will encourage and provide shelter for pollinating insects that help with human food production so they are welcome in gardens and worth providing accommodation for. The insect COTTAGE consists of a pine outer box with a roof with lots of Bamboo canes and drilled softwood inside. A functional and attractive garden ornament for anyone interested in wildlife and nature. The best location for your insect hotel location is important to get the maximum number of Insect guests to visit your Bee and Bug house. It should be set up in a sheltered Spot away from the prevailing wind. Solitary bees prefer a sunny spot in direct sunlight other insects prefer a damper environment. If you have a large flower bed, pond or hedge where there is already an abundance of wildlife you will find your hotel will fill up more Quickly if sited near to these population centres.

Insect Hotel Bee and Bug Cottage