Zonda Ventilated Bee Keeper Suit


  • Very high sting protection
  • Cool and comfortable
  • Innovative fabric and design
  • Robust zippers
  • Machine washable (wash detachable hood by hand)
Our Zonda ventilated bee suit is made from three layers of mesh material. The two outer layers are made of fine mesh fabric, the core layer a thicker mesh. The suits were designed to keep beekeepers cool on hotter days and because of the three layer construction these bee suits give more protection against stings than poly cotton beesuits. The bee suit has two chest pockets, a zip up pocket and a smaller pocket with a Velcro closure which is ideal for your mobile phone. This is the new version of our popular bee suit, we have improved it based on our own testing and customer feedback (Thanks everyone!). The hood is larger than the previous version with an additional support in the centre of the hood to keep the shape and stop it being blown into the bee keeper's face. The pocket design is also new, we've cut back to the minimum needed so the smallest area of the cooling material is covered. One more change is the elasticated waist at the back, which improves the fit considerably.  

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